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.LAWYER & .ATTORNEY Frequently Asked Questions

Are there restrictions for .LAWYER and .ATTORNEY web addresses?

Everybody can register .LAWYER and a .ATTORNEY web and email addresses. The only restriction is that you may not offer legal services on the site if you don't have the license.

Where can I register a .LAWYER or a .ATTORNEY web address?

There are many established domain registrars that offer these names, such as name.com, godaddy.com and enom.com to name a few. Our favorite is name.com.

How come I have not heard of these legal web addresses before?

These web extensions are brand new and only industry insiders are aware of them at this stage. However, with the adaption of these names by celebrity attorneys like Lisa Bloom and success stories of high profile firms, these names will soon be as common as the traditional ones.

Why should I register my personal .LAWYER or .ATTORNEY name now?

While these can help you to increase your profile for the job search, there's the additional aspect of all names being only available once. They can be purchased on a first come first served basis. Many good names are still available at this stage, however, every day new names are registered, so yours may be taken soon by someone else.

.LAWYER and .ATTORNEY web addresses work in the exact same way as .COM addresses, but have the advantage of high availability of great names.

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